uche-bang11 asked: Hello there I am an artist, currently in college, I would like to know how you get to do illustration for magazine companies, I would love to do one, thank you

Hi there, I’m actually not sure how they found my work but they contacted me via email. Just assuming they saw my instagram, tumblr or behance… Best way to get people to notice you is through social networking, most of the work I get is through the internet haha

mikaniamikayla asked: heyo! i absolutely love your work im a massive fan :) i love the style and everything, even though you've been told this before you should put some time lapse drawings on youtube ;) how long has it taken for you to get to draw to this standard? x :)

Hi there, thank you! I’ve tried editing a time lapse video before actually, failed miserably since I’m not so tech-savy :( It takes me about 12-18 hours total to finish one portrait!

happinessanonymous asked: keep up the fab work- they're all beautiful! :)

Thank you I appreciate the support :)

paperellf asked: I just saw you on tumblr radar and checked out your blog and wow. WOW. Your artworks blew me away! I look forward on seeing you on my dash. Have a nice day!!

Aw thank you :) xo

brittanyphotography101 asked: Hi i luv it work!! What do u do drawings for? Do u do more then just advertisement?? :)

Thank you! It all started as a hobby after I left my full-time graphic design job in late 2012. One thing led to another and I started taking in commissions for various companies/magazines. 

cindyglz asked: Hi, you are incredibly talented I am fascinated by your work! I wanted to know what kind of paper you used for drawing?

I use gridded paper, transfer paper and canson bristol paper!

cristina-alonso-ilustradora asked: Hi Kei! I love you art! I just was wondering what real size is your 'Sea punk' mermaid for Undiz. I don't know if reproduction on the stores implies a very big size illustration! Anyway, the result it's amazing! Thanks for your time!

Hi Cristina, I absolutely love your work as well! Been following on behance for a while :) Undiz was the first time I did something in a large scale, I believe it was almost 300MB large in terms of file size… They had a specific dimension and asked to be at least 300dpi. Hope that helps!

1-5-0-6 asked: Hey Kei! I've been following you for quite a while now, and every time I scroll down tumblr/instagram I can always identify your work right away.Youre really good at drawing, and you have such a distinct and personal style! Anyways, can't wait to see more of your work. Been looking forward to that tutorial that you mentioned about. Really curious about how you clean up your work with photoshop, since your work is always so neat! How do you do that? Haha so hope the tutorial comes out soon!

Hi there! Thank you for the support. I get a little OCD when it comes to working in photoshop- since I only know the basic skills of the program, I just use the eraser tool to clean up the messy lines/smudges from the graphite. I’ve been a little overwhelmed with work recently so unfortunately I haven’t gotten a chance to upload a tutorial. Hoping to share more W.I.P.’s so people have a general idea of the process! 

Elle Evans. Getting back into drawing classic portraits again.